“Although Oliver Schwarz gets up close and personal with the two protagonists in his documentary, he manages to safeguard a respectful distance, never intruding or creating a voyeuristic angle. Since Dirk comments on his situation himself, the audience is privy to his emotions and dilemmas, while the filmmaker carefully stages a delicate balance between revelation and discretion.”

Thomas Hunziker, Sélection CINEMA 


“The film’s intimate and deeply empathic perspective on a social misfit is compelling and successful in its balance between closeness and distance. In a respectful and non-judgmental manner, Oliver Schwarz creates both a personal portrait and a topical documentary on a society in which loneliness is a side-effect of modern life.”

Berne Film Award 


New interview for DIRECTORS NOTES


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Since 2006 Directors Notes has scoured the globe for the very best that independent cinema has to offer, whilst sharing the inspiration and production stories behind the filmmaking of some of the world’s most talented directors.


Eclectic in its tastes, Directors Notes is where you can find the most cutting edge films regardless of genre, length or technique. With the role of filmmaker more prevalent now than at any other point in history, Directors Notes remains dedicated to revealing the What, How and Why of the greatest independent cinema being made today.





The documentary DREAM GIRL has been chosen for

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UPPSALA Film Festival

The short documentary DREAM GIRL is selected for the 36th UPPSALA International Short Film Festival in Sweden, in the Program SIENCE FRICTION: 


Festival page


Swiss Confederation announcement

Show times: 

  1. 27/10/2017, 17:00: Fyrisbiografen

  2. 29/10/2017, 17:00: Slottsbiografen





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SRF (Swiss TV and Radio): Glanz & Gloria, 05.06.2013

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3SAT (German TV):  Kulturzeit, 27.03.2013 (2)

ZDF (German TV): Kulturpalast, 11.4.2013:

Radio 3fach, 09.02.2013


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Cinemabuch, #59 2014


Der Bund, 16.01.2013

Der Bund, 8.02.2013

Lucerne newspaper, 21.01.2013

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Der Bund: Berner Filmpreis 2012





Festival Reports 


63th Berlin International Film Festival: Berlinale Shorts






SWISS FILMS: "Swiss Fondue of Shorts" @ Open Cinema Festival 2013 in St. Petersburg




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